Reports from the Field/Battleground Updates - The Kerry Campaign in Wisconsin

William, Scott and I are heading to Wisconsin to help Kerry win the Presidency and take this country back from the special interests. This will be our daily Blog. It is my intention to file reports on our activities every single day from 10/17/04 – 11/03/04. This will be our “Report from the Field”, if you will. Here you can find out what kind of exciting activities we are up to in Wisconsin. You can also get our take on how the campaign is fairing in this great state.

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Daily Report/10.07.04

Wisconsin, here we come!!! All the arrangements have been made: flights, reservations and transportation. I plan to hit the ground running once I arrive in Green Bay. My flight gets in around 10:30 a.m. and if everything works out, I’ll be out on the streets working for change by 12:30 p.m. on 10/17. Back here in Upstate New York we have finished up our voter registration drive. It is amazing how many young people have registered to vote for the very first time. It seems like folks here in the Western part of New York have come to realize this may be the most important election in their lifetime.

WISCONSIN UPDATE: 82% Wisconsin voters say TV ads denouncing Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's Vietnam service record have diverted attention from the real issues in this year's presidential race, according to the latest Badger Poll. Check out the article by clicking here!!

Well....... here is more evidence of right wing media bias: When Big Media Turns Right - Fahrenheit 9/11 ads pulled from the airwaves.

If this is not enough for you check out: What Liberal Media? The Truth About Bias and the News by Eric Alterman

This site: Fox News, 24hr Republican Network, has great information on the well known FOX news bias.

If your sick and tired of all the Fox news distortions and overall corporate right-wing bias in the mainstream press. You can fight back by joining David Brock’s new venture Media Matters for America. Click Here to Check it out!!

David Brock is a right-winger who saw the light. David Brock’s book: Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative tells the amazing story of his transformation from a right-wing nut to a progressive activist.

If you have any comments on this report - send me an e-mail at, and I will post it.

Goodnight Friends, and God Bless you!



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