Reports from the Field/Battleground Updates - The Kerry Campaign in Wisconsin

William, Scott and I are heading to Wisconsin to help Kerry win the Presidency and take this country back from the special interests. This will be our daily Blog. It is my intention to file reports on our activities every single day from 10/17/04 – 11/03/04. This will be our “Report from the Field”, if you will. Here you can find out what kind of exciting activities we are up to in Wisconsin. You can also get our take on how the campaign is fairing in this great state.

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100,000 Supporters Rally with Kerry in Madison

MADISON WISCONSIN: According to police and local media reports, over 100,000 people attended the Kerry Rally today in Madison Wisconsin. Joining the next President were many local politicians as well as Bruce Springsteen “The Boss”.This is the largest Rally of any kind in the history of Wisconsin.
Click below for a webcast of John Kerry's rally with supporters today in Madison.


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