Reports from the Field/Battleground Updates - The Kerry Campaign in Wisconsin

William, Scott and I are heading to Wisconsin to help Kerry win the Presidency and take this country back from the special interests. This will be our daily Blog. It is my intention to file reports on our activities every single day from 10/17/04 – 11/03/04. This will be our “Report from the Field”, if you will. Here you can find out what kind of exciting activities we are up to in Wisconsin. You can also get our take on how the campaign is fairing in this great state.

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THREE Important Wisconsin Newspapers Give Kerry Their Endorsement!!

The Kenosha News is an independent newspaper:
John Kerry for President
There is no question that a large factor in our urging readers to support John Kerry for president is opposition to the current president, George W. Bush. Bush s presidency, in our view, has been a disaster. (READ MORE - CLICK HERE)
"The most impressive qualities that Kerry would bring to the job are his studied thoughtfulness and pragmatism. His history in Congress has shown an ability to compromise on issues and to consider other points of view. That has been sorely lacking in the Bush administration and is the root cause of some of its biggest failings. "

The Journal Times recommends John Kerry for president of the United States. (Click to see Endorsement)

“Our conclusion has been that, on balance, Kerry shares more of our values than Bush does. He earns our endorsement.” - The Wausau Daily Herald


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