Reports from the Field/Battleground Updates - The Kerry Campaign in Wisconsin

William, Scott and I are heading to Wisconsin to help Kerry win the Presidency and take this country back from the special interests. This will be our daily Blog. It is my intention to file reports on our activities every single day from 10/17/04 – 11/03/04. This will be our “Report from the Field”, if you will. Here you can find out what kind of exciting activities we are up to in Wisconsin. You can also get our take on how the campaign is fairing in this great state.

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Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.17.04

Our boots are on the ground! Bill and I landed in Wisconsin prior to noon today, (Bill in Milwaukee and me in Green Bay). Things went smooth with the flights, transportation and our rooms. I spent the day getting to know the area I have been assigned to for the next 16 days. I pinned a big Kerry button on my jacket and received numerous comments, both positive and negative.

One middle age woman named Phyllis who I met in the Green Bay Airport noticed my button and stated “I can’t vote for a flip-flopper”. I asked her what Kerry had “flipped-flopped” on that had offended her so much. Interestingly, she could not immediately state any specific case but said she had seen things “on TV” that led her to believe the Kerry flip-flop label. We talked about twenty minutes while waiting for our baggage.

I talked about how consistent Kerry had been on the environment, woman’s rights and worker rights for his entire career. I also pointed out that it is Kerry who has been consistent on Iraq as the President had stated he would only invade Iraq as a last resort (a promise he clearly broke). Without a doubt, the President is the flip-flopper on Iraq, not Kerry. We parted company with Phyllis saying she was now leaning towards Kerry and that she would pay closer attention to the campaign. TAKE NOTE MY FRIENDS: I was not in Wisconsin for an hour and I turned around my first battleground voter.

It is so clear to me that many of my fellow Americans are judging Kerry by how he has been portrayed by the Bushista propaganda machine. I truly believe if every voter judged Bush & Kerry on the facts instead of propaganda, Kerry would win in a landslide.

ANOTHER ISSUE: It looks like Sinclair Broadcasting Company is going through with its plan to force their affiliates to show an Anti-Kerry Propaganda film. No equal time will be offered to Kerry. How Democratic is that? Here is a good article on the controversy if you want more information. (Click Here.) Also, see my earlier post (ACTION ALERT 10.11.04 ) on the subject to find out what you can do to fight this injustice.

If you have any comments on this post - send me an e-mail at, and I will post it.

Goodnight Friends, and God Bless you!



Blogger Robert L. Leonard said...

Kind words from

I just came across your posting and and I , like you. am trying to make a difference in this election. I have never been active in previous elections but I was determined not to be a bystander in this one. I have always felt that John Kerry would someday run for president and I feel he would be a great one. I live in PA and have attended rallies by Kerry and Edwards and also attended a gathering by Teresa Heinz Kerry. I have contributed several times to their campaigns along with my very active sister. We have phone banked and are trying to make a difference in other ways. We cannot travel too far but we have definitely spread positive views about the need for a change and a new administration. My daughter lives and works in N.J. and is coming into PA with several of her friends to campaign for Kerry/Edwards. They are contributors to many campaigns throughout the country. I also want you to know that Rush Limbaugh is off limits on my radio dial. He is so vicious and I cannot forget his ranting and raving for 8 years against Clinton whom I consider to be one of the best presidents I have known.

Good luck in Wisconsin......

October 18, 2004 at 10:47 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Leonard said...

Bush Lays Another Rotten Egg on America

Countless Americans (including children) are going to perish needlessly this winter for lack of adequate flu vaccine. The CDC estimated 36,000 flu related fatalities last year with a particular predilection for seniors and children under age two. How many thousands more deaths will be added to that number remains to be seen, but it is likely that more Americans will die this winter of influenza than died during the Vietnam War.

No single issue typifies corporate greed, governmental ineptitude, and social irresponsibility as clearly as FluGate. Vaccines are made by only a few drug companies because of the relatively low profit margins. Arthritis and erectile dysfunction drugs reap billions in profits, which vaccines do not so few invest in their manufacture. The problem is corporate callousness and pandering politicians, not lawsuits and lawyers.

For years there have been severe problems producing sufficient flu vaccine. Yet, like intelligence warnings before 9/11, Bush chose not to act. This evolving tragedy was 100% preventable if this administration had the intelligence, compassion, and desire to protect the American people. Actually, there is no one who could so easily have averted this impending tragedy than George W. Bush.

Bush did not protect us from attack on September 11th, and he's not protecting us now. But rest assured that despite his denials, G. W. Bush will get his flu shot and you and your loved ones may end up being just another statistic. Ultimately, Bush-Cheney will be notorious for promoting Big Business, Big Government, Big Deficits, Pollution, and, last but not least, undertakers.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The editor does not necessarily agree or disagree with this readers comments. The points raised deserve to be aired and were posted to raise awareness and further debate.

October 18, 2004 at 10:54 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Leonard said...

Wise feedback from James Miller:

Why we need to contact ALL Sinclair Broadcasting Group advertisers.

The CEO & the other powerful people at Sinclair Broadcasting Group make most of THEIR OWN MILLIONS by way of company stock.

Top owners of SBG stock:

These are the insiders at Sinclair Broadcast Group who will make the decision whether the smear about John Kerry will be aired.

Dyson Ehrhardt has 11,810,500 shares
This person LOSES $11 MILLION DOLLARS for every dollar the stock goes down

David D Smith has 11,347,320 shares
This person LOSES $11 MILLION DOLLARS for every dollar the stock goes down

Duncan J Smith has 11,072,300 shares
This person LOSES $11 MILLION DOLLARS for every dollar the stock goes down

Robert E Smith has 7,448,855 shares
This person LOSES $7 MILLION DOLLARS for every dollar the stock goes down

Frederick E Smith has 500,000 shares
This person LOSES $1/2 MILLION DOLLARS for every dollar the stock goes down

Thats OVER $40 million dollars they lose for every dollar the stock goes down.

Great but how do we make the stock go down?

We contact “ALL” advertisers on Sinclair Broadcasting Group and advise them we will not be purchasing any of their products if they continue to advertise on Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

This includes “BOTH” National and local advertisers.

If a National advertiser like KMart says they can not control whether their advertising runs on Sinclair Broadcasting Group or not I explain that if I were in their position I would find a way to make sure their advertising does not support Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

List of advertisers / /

VERY IMPORTANT: Now to really make sure the price of SBG stock starts dropping very quickly EVERYBODY should contact the following Institutional and Mutual Fund holders of SBG stock. ( SEE BELOW )

Each person should contact the following Institutional and Mutual Fund companys.

The fastest way to contact these companys is by email. Write one email. Save it to your drafts folder. Now just copy & paste.

When you contact these companys all you need to do is state you are contacting them because they are holding a great deal of Sinclair Broadcasting Group stock worth millions of dollars.

Next you state that you are advising them that if Sinclair Broadcasting Group goes forward with airing the smear documentary about John Kerry you will be participating in the boycotting of all advertisers who continue to support Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Next you say I am advising you of the pending boycott so that you will have the needed time required for you to sell all your stock shares in Sinclair Broadcast Group so you do not lose millions of dollars if the stock should start losing value.

Next you advise them that if they decide to continue to hold Sinclair Broadcasting Group stock and it does decrease in value we will be notifing all their investors that they were notified ahead of time about the pending boycott which provided the needed time to sell the shares before the decrease in the value of the stock.

This will provide the investors with documented proof that the investor can use to recover any monetary looses incurred from the fund company.


Earnest Partners LLC

Gamco Investors Inc

Morgan Stanley /

Westfield Capital Management Company

Neuberger Berman, LLC

Putnam Investment Management, LLC

Barclays Bank Plc

Blackrock Inc.

Janus Capital Management, LLC


Morgan Stanley Special Value Fund /

Franklin Mutual Ser Fd-Mutual Shares Fd

Janus Special Equity Fund

Harbor Small Cap Growth Fund

Invesco Sector Funds Inc-Invesco Leisure Funds,,-1_5506,

Morgan Stanley Inst Fd Tr-U.S. Small Cap Value Port /

Van Kampen Small Cap Value Fund

FMI Focus Fd

American Skandia Tr-Gabelli Small-Cap Value Port

James R Miller

October 18, 2004 at 11:34 PM  

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