Reports from the Field/Battleground Updates - The Kerry Campaign in Wisconsin

William, Scott and I are heading to Wisconsin to help Kerry win the Presidency and take this country back from the special interests. This will be our daily Blog. It is my intention to file reports on our activities every single day from 10/17/04 – 11/03/04. This will be our “Report from the Field”, if you will. Here you can find out what kind of exciting activities we are up to in Wisconsin. You can also get our take on how the campaign is fairing in this great state.

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Union Members who Served with John Kerry in Vietnam

Dear Friends,

Hello, we are Jim Wasser and Gene Thorson, union members and Vietnam veterans who served on swift boats with John Kerry. We saw John Kerry under the toughest conditions you can imagine. And, we saw that John Kerry could not be shaken. He has what it takes to lead America. As union members, we also know that John Kerry won’t back down in the fight for working families. Under his leadership, we can rebuild America’s economy and protect working families. That’s why we’ve volunteered with our unions to tell other union members about John Kerry. Please take a look by clicking on the download button. You can go to to customize a flier with your own issues, and then distribute it to your fellow union workers and family.

Jim Wasser and Gene Thorson

Get your own copy of the leaflet: CLICK HERE!


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