Reports from the Field/Battleground Updates - The Kerry Campaign in Wisconsin

William, Scott and I are heading to Wisconsin to help Kerry win the Presidency and take this country back from the special interests. This will be our daily Blog. It is my intention to file reports on our activities every single day from 10/17/04 – 11/03/04. This will be our “Report from the Field”, if you will. Here you can find out what kind of exciting activities we are up to in Wisconsin. You can also get our take on how the campaign is fairing in this great state.

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Ramsey Clark launches online reporting system for election fraud.

"If widespread voter interference or vote fraud is traceable to high officials, it will be an important element in the impeachment struggle." - - Ramsey Clark
In 1963 hundreds of thousands rallied for civil rights at the Lincoln Memorial.
In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed.
In 1965 the Voting Rights Act became law.
We won't go back!!!

Another Wisconsin Newspaper comes out for Kerry: Milwaukee's Shepard Express

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

Then there is the question of jobs. George Bush is the first president since Herbert Hoover--in the early 1930s--to have fewer Americans working at the end of his term than when he started. Other presidents have had wars, recessions and other catastrophes, but they still managed to guide the economy uphill, except for George Bush. In contrast, the Clinton administration created 23 million jobs over the course of eight years.

Given what's at stake--perhaps your life--it is clear that we can't take the chance on four more years of George Bush. John Kerry is the clear, positive choice for president. (Click here for full endorsement)

- Shepherd Express - 413 N. 2nd St. #150Milwaukee, WI 53203

Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.31.04

Saturday brought both Bush and Kerry back to the Green Bay area. A large number of folks from Green Bay met W with John Kerry signs. One elderly woman (a life long republican-She joins a ever growing list of see who: click here) showed up with a sign that read “PEACE NOW”. Several young men sporting Bush t-shirts flipped this elderly lady the bird and yelled obscenities. The lady stood proud with her sign held high. She turned to me at one point and said “Don’t those people know nine more of our young soldiers were killed today in Iraq?” This whole incident reaffirmed to me how important it is to elect John Kerry President.

As we enter these final days of this election, we all need to know what is at stake in Tuesday’s election. Good must prevail over evil; the hope of John Kerry must prevail over Bush and his gang of thugs. As Bruce Springsteen sang at the big rally last Thursday: “No retreat baby, no surrender”. (Click here for a video/audio of Springsteen’s introduction of John Kerry at last Thursday’s mega-rally in Madison).

The polls continue to demonstrate this election is too close to call. My analysis is that Kerry will win the election by two electoral votes. TWO!!! I have added my electoral analysis to this post in the comment section. To see my picks: CLICK HERE.

Be assured, my compatriots and I out here in Wisconsin, will work every waking hour from this moment to 8:00pm on Election Day to elect John Kerry. Bear in mind my Dear Friends: “No retreat baby, no surrender”.

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Goodnight Friends, and God Bless you!


The Scott Seltzer Report

Friday - went to an Edwards rally. It was awesome. About 2000 people. Jon Bonjovi sang and introduced John Edwards. Edwards hit on all cylinders. He emphasized that no other nation would have veto prosperously the U.S. The students were happy to hear about tax credits for higher education. And of course,"Hope Is On The Way" with "A Fresh Start".

My personal favorite comment came when Edwards discussed the 3 debates. During the 2nd debate, Bush asked the moderator "Is my time up, yet?". Edward assured us all, that on Tuesday, our answer will be "Yes George. You’re all done!"

2 highlights from the afternoon door to door:

1. Knocking on a door with lost a member activist a beautiful Chocolate Labrador barked and waged his tail in the living room window. We know the person was home as the activist saw him enter the house. As I looked in the window (from the porch) I strained to focus (over 40 year old eyes) on a peculiar objection the couch. I turned to the activist and said"We're leaving now." She said "But, I haven’t talked to him, yet." (She’s very determined). I replied "I may be a gun owner but I'm not talking to someone with a rifle (with scope) leaning on the couch."

2. Talking to a fellow Catholic (who's still mad at CLintom over Monica), the subject of Abortion came up. She asked me how in good conscience I could vote Democrat. I told her that the Democratic Party does not advertise for abortion. It advocates for the right to choose. Abortion decisions should be between a woman, significant other, Doctor, and whoever she chooses to call God.

- Scott Seltzer


Editorial: Kerry can renew America's promise

The Capital Times, Madison, WI editorial October 30, 2004:
When Bruce Springsteen introduced John Kerry to 80,000 Wisconsinites on Thursday, he said, "The country we carry in our hearts is waiting, and together we can move America toward her deepest ideals."
That statement, more than any other, sums up what Tuesday's election is all about. (See full endorsement - Click Here)
"We enthusiastically endorse Sen. John Kerry for president." - The Capital Times

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry greets supporters at a campaign rally in Appleton, Wisconsin, October 30, 2004. Kerry declared solidarity with President Bush against Osama bin Laden, but criticized his Republican rival's strategy for capturing the al Qaeda leader. Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters (Click for Article)
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100,000 Supporters Rally with Kerry in Madison

MADISON WISCONSIN: According to police and local media reports, over 100,000 people attended the Kerry Rally today in Madison Wisconsin. Joining the next President were many local politicians as well as Bruce Springsteen “The Boss”.This is the largest Rally of any kind in the history of Wisconsin.
Click below for a webcast of John Kerry's rally with supporters today in Madison.

This rally for Senator John Kerry took place in Madison, Wisconsin on 10.28.04. 100,000 people attended in support of Kerry for President.

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Scott's Report - Thus Far...

Scott's Report - Thus Far...Monday - arrived approx. 11:30 a.m. Checked in and went to my first planning meeting. Met Russ Clemens, Staff from Buffalo. Discussed the week's agenda with him and 2 (lost time) members. Left @1:15 to do lit drops. Went to "coordinated hq" for new assignment. Instructed to do lit drop for Brad Pfaff (State Senate) in the suburbs. After 6:00 p.m.did house calls till about 9:00. Tuesday - 10;00 a.m. more lit drop all day. 5:00 p.m.more house calls.Wednesday - more lit drop but for Pfaff only. This isa big race because of the Tax Payer Bill of Rights (TABOR) issue. This issue is much like the Paycheck Deception issue in California. Public employees atall levels could be greatly (negatively) impacted. I debated a staunch republican on the sidewalk in front of an undecided. The repub. was a retired hospital administrator. The biggest debate was health care. He bragged how someone he knew in England had to wait 5 weeks for a hip transplant. I told him it will be atotal of 6 weeks I have to wait to get the lump removed from from right thumb. I then asked about the 44 million who do not have and can not afford healthcare. He said no one can be refused treatment. I asked who pays the bill? He said "we do". I calmly said "Exactly". SO if we're paying now why not paythat money in in form of taxes to cover people?". Arrogantly, he said "and you'd trust the government torun it?" I answered "Not this administration!" The undecided man said "You got that right!" The republican went back into his house; with no further comment.

P.M. voter ID/housecall. Only thrown off 1 doorstep. Thursday - finished lit drop from Tuesday and got new assignment (neighborhood). 3:00 to 5:30 labor voter ID. 6:45-10:00 stategy meeting for Edwards visit.

- Scott Seltzer


"Kerry has the experience and intelligence to begin to rebuild what we have lost: the respect of much of the rest of the world." - La Crosse Tribune

"Truly, the Bush II presidency has been nothing short of disastrous." - Green Bay News-Chronicle


From left to right: Eric, Bill & Robert along with 100,000 others at a Kerry Rally in Madison, WI. Posted by Hello

Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.28.04

For several days, my friends around the state have been reporting a surge for Kerry. Our door to door canvassing throughout the neighborhoods of Wisconsin is going very well. In addition, Kerry signs and bumper stickers are clearly outnumbering those of the Bushistas. Bush’s spending and almost daily appearances in the state should be giving him an advantage, it is not.

Now the nationally respected Zogby Poll has Kerry at 50% and Bush at 46% in Wisconsin. This confirms what folks are reporting from around this State.

Be assured my friends, we will keep working here in the great State of Wisconsin until the polls close on Election Day.

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Another major Wisconsin newspaper endorses Senator Kerry over Bush!!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"In 2000, we lauded Bush for his ability as Texas governor to work in bipartisan fashion. We admired what seemed to be a tendency to make moderate judicial appointments. We’ve seen precious little of that in his first term as president."

"This time around, there is just so much at stake." (READ MORE CLICK HERE)


Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.26.04

Kerry Arrived in Green Bay on Monday evening 10/25/04 for a 10:00pm rally. Thousands of Green Bay residents waited for hours to welcome the next President of the United States to the home of the Green Bay Packers. Tuesday Morning, Kerry gave a policy speech to a smaller crowd at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (Click here for the text of that speech).

I assisted the Kerry advance team with driving and security. About 11:30am this morning I was able to meet Senator Kerry. All I could say was: “Give them Hell Senator”. He gave me a warm smile and a firm handshake and said “With your help we will”.

SITE OF THE DAY: Iraq on the Record: A database of 237 Misleading statements that the Bush Administration made on Iraq (CLICK HERE).

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THREE Important Wisconsin Newspapers Give Kerry Their Endorsement!!

The Kenosha News is an independent newspaper:
John Kerry for President
There is no question that a large factor in our urging readers to support John Kerry for president is opposition to the current president, George W. Bush. Bush s presidency, in our view, has been a disaster. (READ MORE - CLICK HERE)
"The most impressive qualities that Kerry would bring to the job are his studied thoughtfulness and pragmatism. His history in Congress has shown an ability to compromise on issues and to consider other points of view. That has been sorely lacking in the Bush administration and is the root cause of some of its biggest failings. "

The Journal Times recommends John Kerry for president of the United States. (Click to see Endorsement)

“Our conclusion has been that, on balance, Kerry shares more of our values than Bush does. He earns our endorsement.” - The Wausau Daily Herald


Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.24.04 From Bill Gutschow

Hello to all from Wisconsin! With just nine days left until we take back our beloved nation from the ultra-right wing conservatives, I want to give you an update on my recent activities here in the Milwaukee area. I have spent the past week talking to hundreds of citizens here. I am happy to report that the response to my phone polling and door to door canvassing has been overwhelmingly positive. If we can maintain the momentum that has developed here for the remainder of the campaign, I am confident that John Kerry will be our next president! I was honored to meet Senator Kerry when he landed at Signature Airport here in Milwaukee. I had the opportunity to shake hands with him twice and offered him all the encouragement I could. He was very upbeat and energetic and as his motorcade pulled out of the airport he smiled and gave the crowd a big “thumbs up”. I also was thrilled to attend a rally at the Pabst Theatre in downtown Milwaukee where the Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to a crowd of several hundred Kerry supporters. Following the rally Reverend Sharpton led the crowd in a march to City Hall where many of the throng cast their votes early for Senator Kerry. (Early voting is allowed in Wisconsin, as is same day registration and voting.) Over the next week I will be concentrating my efforts on going door to door to reach every voter I can. By next weekend I will be participating in “visibility” efforts, such as carrying signs and positioning them at strategic locations in the metro area. I am also slated to observe voting on Election Day to ensure that those who attempt to vote are not discouraged or intimidated in any way from doing so.

I hope all is well with everyone back in New York and I look forward to returning victoriously on November third.

My very best to you all!

- Bill Gutschow



Last week a former employee at the voter registration firm Sproul & Associates in Las Vegas--run by ex-Arizona Christian Coalition head Nathan Sproul and funded with $600,000 of GOP-money--said he witnessed co-workers shredding new applications of registered Democrats. (Investigations are under way in Oregon and West Virginia into similar Sproul allegations.) Now this week Nevada Judge Valerie Adair--an active member in the National Federation of Republican Women--decided the disenfranchised voters did not have the right to re-register. Good thing Bush is going after those "activist judges." - The Nation


This is my Band-of brothers. These are the foot soldiers in the battle to win Wisconsin for Kerry!! This is a picture of my compatriots picketing outside a Cheney event in Green Bay.
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Daily Report 10.21.04

Well friends, we confronted Dick Cheney today in his visit to Green Bay. His supporters yelled “four more years” and we chanted back “twelve more days”. A number of Bush supporters showed us their middle fingers. Nice! When anti-Cheney protesters outnumber his supporters, they are in trouble!!


Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.20.04

Good evening friends. I spent another interesting day going door-to-door in working class neighborhoods in Green Bay. Talking with folks about the campaign and issues of importance to working people, like health care, social security, etc.. I really feel that I can make a difference. You can as well. If you have not volunteered yet, now is the time. Get involved, this is the most important election in our lifetime. Click here and sign up!!

The following is an endorsement of Kerry by a former Republican Senator from Kentucky. If this does not get the attention of Middle America, nothing will!!

'Frightened to death' of Bush

By Marlow W. CookSpecial to The Courier-Journal

I have been, and will continue to be, a Republican. But when we as a party send the wrong person to the White House, then it is our responsibility to send him home if our nation suffers as a result of his actions. I fall in the category of good conservative thinkers, like George F. Will, for instance, who wrote: "This administration cannot be trusted to govern if it cannot be counted on to think and having thought, to have second thoughts." " (Read more by clicking here)

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In one new poll by Wisconsin Public Radio and the St. Norbert College Survey Center of 401 likely voters taken Oct. 4 to 13, Kerry led in the state 48% to 43%.

A Wisconsin poll released Sunday by Rasmussen Reports put the race at 48% for Kerry and 47% for Bush - a breakdown almost identical to the actual 2000 results in the state (Al Gore 48%, George Bush 48%).

Read more about political developments in Wisconsin (CLICK HERE)


Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.19.04

Well friends…….. Another day in battlefield Green Bay. I am here on the frontlines of the battle to take our country back again. Back from the special interest and right-wing ideologues. I spent most of the day recruiting volunteers to man our get out the vote (GOTV) effort over the next two weeks. We are also planning a volunteer rally for Sunday. I started my day at 8:30am and finished it at about 9:30pm. I am exhausted…. So don’t expect too much of a report today.

William hit the streets of Milwaukee again today. Kicking ass and taking names. He has confirmed some of what I have found; the folks here in Wisconsin are some of the nicest people in the world. They talk about southern hospitality, it is nothing compared to Wisconsin warmth. Warmth that touches the soul.

Check out this Newspaper Endorsement of OUR NEW Commander and Chief:

For the Sake of Peace and Future Security, Bush Should be Denied Four More Years

Citizen's Advocate Newspaper (Coppell, Texas)

With full realization that we serve a Republican community in the President's home state, we feel a responsibility nevertheless to urge you to say no to a second term for George W. Bush, based on foreign policy and national security concerns alone. Judged by the international morass we are in today, four more years of continued Bush foreign policy could result in irreparable harm internationally and internally, affecting this nation's safety, security, and, most importantly, the lives of those whose burden it is and will be to carry out Bush's goals, our troops and the future military- our children. (Click here for more)

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Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.18.04

What a day my friends. What a day. First let me update you on Bill Gutschow’s efforts down in Milwaukee. Bill spent the day canvassing in the working class neighborhoods of Milwaukee. He reports that Kerry is supported by the overwhelming number of people he talked with. Bill finished his day on the Union Phone bank effort. Bill is quite proud he moved some folks who were leading towards Bush into the solid Kerry column. God bless you Bill, you truly are doing the work of the angels. Bill wants me to express his love and regards to his friends and acquaintances that are following our efforts here in Wisconsin.

My day was similar to my union brother “Bill” in Milwaukee. My activities included phone banks, door to door and I spent the morning designing a leaflet for an upcoming event. I need to tell you: the people of Green Bay are incredible. As I went door to door in the neighborhoods of Green Bay today, all I found was hospitality. Most of the folks I talked to were clearly behind Kerry. However, even folks I met who were for Bush were gracious and accommodating. This is the America I love. An America that can disagree, but is not disagreeable.

The airwaves here in Green Bay are full of anti-Kerry bile. Today I heard a radio spot from the Republican National Committee that criticized the “Hollywood Elite”. Hollywood Elite like Michael Moore who is “attacking” our “way of life”.

Hello!! Knock! Knock! Michael Moore is from Flint Michigan, not from Hollywood. You may not always agree with Michael Moore, but it is quite a stretch to call him the “Hollywood Elite”. I guess Bush’s Republican National Committee, has no shame at all.

Get this:

Sinclair Fires Washington Bureau Chief

BALTIMORE - The Washington bureau chief for Sinclair Broadcast Group said he was fired Monday after he criticized the company's plans to produce a news program based on a documentary critical of John Kerry's Vietnam-era anti-war activities.

"They're using the news to drive their political agenda," Leiberman said. "I don't think it served the public trust." (Read More By Clicking Here)
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Goodnight Friends, and God Bless you!


Daily Report from the Battleground State of Wisconsin - 10.17.04

Our boots are on the ground! Bill and I landed in Wisconsin prior to noon today, (Bill in Milwaukee and me in Green Bay). Things went smooth with the flights, transportation and our rooms. I spent the day getting to know the area I have been assigned to for the next 16 days. I pinned a big Kerry button on my jacket and received numerous comments, both positive and negative.

One middle age woman named Phyllis who I met in the Green Bay Airport noticed my button and stated “I can’t vote for a flip-flopper”. I asked her what Kerry had “flipped-flopped” on that had offended her so much. Interestingly, she could not immediately state any specific case but said she had seen things “on TV” that led her to believe the Kerry flip-flop label. We talked about twenty minutes while waiting for our baggage.

I talked about how consistent Kerry had been on the environment, woman’s rights and worker rights for his entire career. I also pointed out that it is Kerry who has been consistent on Iraq as the President had stated he would only invade Iraq as a last resort (a promise he clearly broke). Without a doubt, the President is the flip-flopper on Iraq, not Kerry. We parted company with Phyllis saying she was now leaning towards Kerry and that she would pay closer attention to the campaign. TAKE NOTE MY FRIENDS: I was not in Wisconsin for an hour and I turned around my first battleground voter.

It is so clear to me that many of my fellow Americans are judging Kerry by how he has been portrayed by the Bushista propaganda machine. I truly believe if every voter judged Bush & Kerry on the facts instead of propaganda, Kerry would win in a landslide.

ANOTHER ISSUE: It looks like Sinclair Broadcasting Company is going through with its plan to force their affiliates to show an Anti-Kerry Propaganda film. No equal time will be offered to Kerry. How Democratic is that? Here is a good article on the controversy if you want more information. (Click Here.) Also, see my earlier post (ACTION ALERT 10.11.04 ) on the subject to find out what you can do to fight this injustice.

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Wisconsin: One day and counting.......

It is early Saturday morning here in Upstate NY. I worked late Friday to get myself caught on my work so my mind could be free of the normal pressures. Free to give the Kerry campaign my all in Wisconsin. As I drove home tonight, my mind tried to imagine what the next few weeks will bring. As political as I am, as political as I have been all my life, the negativity put out by the Bushistas has started to wear on me. The bitter, desperate sound of the right-wing talking heads has shocked even an old political warhorse as me. I turned on Rush Limbaugh today for a short time. Out come the lies and distortions. “No one likes Kerry; his supporters just hate Bush, blah blah blah.” I pulled back as if my hand had touched the hot burner on the stove. I quickly turned off this vile republican propaganda and searched for some music. The rest of my trip, I listen to some country music and tried to shake off the anxiety my run in with the Limbaugh-liar had caused. We must remain vigilant my friends. The Bushistas will say or do almost anything to hang on to the pillars of power. We must take this Country back from the stern right-wing ideologues that will stop at nothing to destroy much of what we hold dear. Be assured, I will work my heart out in Wisconsin to elect a good man to the presidency. That good and decent champion of the environment, woman’s rights, workers rights and all that you and I hold dear; John Kerry!

Check out this site on President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief (Click Here)

Learn Why So Many People Support John Kerry! (Click here)

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MRS. CHENEY: Who is not a good man?

Cheney's Halliburton Helped Saddam Siphon UN $$$ Billions (Yes Billions)

Under Cheney, Halliburton Helped Saddam Hussein Siphon Billions from UN Oil-for-Food Program

By Jason Leopold

When the Iraqi Survey Group released its long awaited report last week that said Iraq eliminated its weapons programs in the 1990s, President George W. Bush quickly changed his stance on reasons he authorized an invasion of Iraq. While he campaigned for a second term in office, Bush justified the war by saying that that Saddam Hussein was manipulating the United Nation's oil-for-food program, siphoning off billions of dollars from the venture that he intended to use to fund a weapons program. (Read on by clicking here)


John Kerry - Soon to be "MR. PRESIDENT" The Final Debate Round-up

Kerry’s Momentum Grew And Grows

David Gergen: "John Kerry, Sen. Kerry gained strength as the debate went on and I thought he became much more effective and if anything I thought the last part of the debate was his." [PBS, 10/13/04]
Carlos Watson: “As we went along, as we talked about social security, as we talked about immigration, as we talked even about the Supreme Court, I thought John Kerry ultimately found his voice. And when all is said and done I think Kerry will be proclaimed the winner, which I think will be significant because I think he will be viewed as having won all three debates.” [CNN, 10/13/04]
Dean Reynolds: “I think the candidate whose numbers have been moving in the right direction for the last 10 days has been Senator John Kerry, this debate did nothing to stop that, and I think from the Kerry point of view they’ll be happy about the results tonight.” [ABC, 10/13/04]
Anthony Mason: “Dan, the uncommitted voters in our survey have given the edge in this debate, to this final debate, to John Kerry.” [CBS, 10/13/04]

Kerry Appealed To Voters

David Gergen: "What I thought John Kerry did very effectively tonight was reach out to women voters and they've become critical to his election Charlie, its the bigggest change that's taken place since these debates started. And tonight, I would imagine with the Yankees and Red Sox on, there were probably a lot of women in that audience tonight." [PBS, 10/13/04]

"After viewing two presidential debates, a group of local independent voters has decided whom to support - and will use tonight's face-off simply to make sure they've got it right. Currently, Kerry is the pick of the majority. The Denver Post gathered the five panelists last month to view the debates. At the time, none of them had decided." [Denver Post, 10/13/04]
Seniors Weigh In For Kerry. AARP hosted a debate watch party in Las Vegas they were asked: Which presidential candidate best addressed the issues important to you? 76.2% for John Kerry, 15.1% George W. Bush, 8.7 Draw

Kerry More Presidential

Bill Schneider: “Well I think he did appear more presidential than the president, which is exactly why he won the first debate and why he won this debate.” [CNN, 10/13/04]
Richard Wolfe: “John Kerry has looked more presidential and more personable as these debates have gone on.” [CNN, 10/13/04]
Perry Bacon, Time Magazine: “And still, Kerry came out looking more presidential…” [CNN, 10/13/04]

Kerry Clear On Issues

Andrea Mitchell: “I think Kerry cleared up any confusion that might have existed about how he as a Catholic was dealing with this very complex issue [abortion].” [MSNBC, 10/13/04]
George Stephanopoulos: “I thought Senator Kerry was most effective on talking about jobs, minimum wage, healthcare and social security.” [ABC, 10/13/04]
"Kerry's answer on health-care costs may be his best yet. He lays out the case against the administration logically and clearly." [Kit Seeyle, New York Times online, 10/13/04]
"In response to the flu vaccine, Bush narrowly focuses on the question and tells people not to get a flu shot. Kerry smartly takes the topic back to health care." [Kit Seeyle, New York Times online, 10/13/04]
Chris Wallace: "I thought perhaps because of the subject matter that John Kerry did better in the second half on subjects like minimum wage which the president seemed somewhat uncomfortable on." [Fox News, 10/13/04]
Mark Shields: “I thought Kerry's best answer by far was on the assault weapons. When the President begged off, it was Bob Schieffer's question to him Jim, why didn't you, you said you'd sign it, why didn't you lift a finger to do it, he said well they told me in Congress they didn't have the votes to do it and he said I would have gone to Tom Delay, and said we're going to have a fight, we'll go to the country on this. I thought that was probably Kerry's best answer. [PBS, 10/13/04]
Chris Matthews: “Senator Kerry tonight was able to score on the class issue.” [MSNBC, 10/13/04]
Tom Brokaw: “I think that they were seeing on the war issue that John Kerry had tapped into something out there in America. That there were doubts even among the president’s supporters on the Republican side of the agenda and especially in a lot of those traditionally red states where they have a lot of people overseas and beginning to wonder if this was going well or not. So they had to move it; move the agenda, if you will, off the war and harder onto the social issues.” [MSNBC, 10/13/04]

Bush Fell, Kerry Cleaned-Up

Ron Reagan: “George Bush made a mistake. Kerry quoted him accurately as it turns out in saying he’s not really worried about Osama bin Laden and Bush came back and said, well I don’t recall ever saying anything like that, we’ll you’ll see the clip of him saying exactly that tomorrow.” [MSNBC 10:32 pm]
Mark Shields:
“I think Kerry is far more factual.” [PBS, 10/13/04]
Brian Williams: “We heard the name Osama Bin Laden mentioned again tonight and tonight our fact checkers found the President in a major contradiction. Here is what the President said on stage tonight in response to a charge by Sen. Kerry [Bush clip, exaggerations]. But here is what the President said about Bin Laden in March of 2002 [Bush clip saying he is not concerned about Bin Laden]. [NBC, 10/13/04]
Chris Jansing: “He painted the president as some one who led us to a misguided war, who has put Americans at risk because they don't have health insurance, who has lost more jobs than any president.” [MSNBC, 10/13/04]
Bush Mission To Win Debate: NOT ACCOMPLISHED
George Stephanopoulos: Most Americans believe we’re going in the wrong direction right now. [ABC, 10/13/04]
Jeff Greenfield: “I think to the extent that the Republicans were looking for the president to lay the heavy lumber on John Kerry, that did not happen. And so if we’ve gone this last ten days with Kerry slowly moving up on Bush, I don’t see anything in this debate that will change that.” [CNN, 10/13/04]
John King: “I do think Republicans will agree that the president was perhaps not emphatic or focused enough in doing as much as he wanted to do to calling the Senate record into play and put the liberal label on Senator Kerry.” [CNN, 10/13/04]

Bob Novak: “Bush looks wishy-washy on the assault-weapons ban.” [, 10/13/04]

Richard Wolfe: “John Kerry, I thought, took this one by points. The president really needed to get a big victory tonight and he fell short of that. You know, he beat himself in the previous debates, but that really wasn’t good enough.” [CNN, 10/13/04]
Bush’s Expressions Showed His Weakness "Bush seems more on edge than Kerry. His voice is rising, almost to a shout. And he pounds his hand for emphasis. Kerry is trying to show he is cool, calm and collected." [Kit Seeyle, New York Times online, 10/13/04]
Bob Novak: “Bush's chuckles are not so good.” [, 10/13/04]
Chris Matthews: “I think the president had sort of an unhappy look but it was a very controlled and disciplined look. He was obviously told ‘they’re looking at you, don’t put on a show.’ But he didn’t look happy. He wasn’t used to this kind of brow-beating.” [MSNBC, 10/13/04]

-Posted by Ari Rabin-Havt on October 14, 2004 at 12:18 AM


Union Members who Served with John Kerry in Vietnam

Dear Friends,

Hello, we are Jim Wasser and Gene Thorson, union members and Vietnam veterans who served on swift boats with John Kerry. We saw John Kerry under the toughest conditions you can imagine. And, we saw that John Kerry could not be shaken. He has what it takes to lead America. As union members, we also know that John Kerry won’t back down in the fight for working families. Under his leadership, we can rebuild America’s economy and protect working families. That’s why we’ve volunteered with our unions to tell other union members about John Kerry. Please take a look by clicking on the download button. You can go to to customize a flier with your own issues, and then distribute it to your fellow union workers and family.

Jim Wasser and Gene Thorson

Get your own copy of the leaflet: CLICK HERE!


Voters' choice is clear: John Kerry for president

October 10, 2004
By: Editorial Board
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
John Kerry should be the next president of the United States. This endorsement is based not only on President Bush's failings -- which are manifest -- but also on the conclusion that Kerry can succeed where Bush has failed. (READ WHOLE EDITORIAL CLICK HERE)

For A Little Humor (I know I need some)

Check out the political song website..... for a good laugh!!
Click here:

After you listen to the above song "The Flop" - You can review the facts on President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief. Click Here

Daily Report 10.11.04

U.S. House Majority Leader, Republican Tom DeLay is a serial ethics violator and it looks like he may be getting his just rewards. Who can forget his blatantly partisan actions in his redistricting plan for Texas. These actions illegally limited the ability of Democrats to get elected to the US House from Texas. Folks are starting to see inside Tom's glass house and what they see is not pretty. Let’s hope the Democrats in Congress have the courage to get this Bush Supporter the justice he so richly deserves. You can help!! Tell Congress to Call for an Outside Counsel and Investigate DeLay (Click here for more information).

KERRY STILL IN THE LEAD: Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: No Movement in Presidential Race; Dead-Heat Continues, Kerry, 47% - Bush, 44%; Early Indicators Show Kerry Ahead Among Newly Registered Voters (49%-44%), New Reuters/Zogby Poll Reveals (for additional information click here).

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorsed John Kerry on Oct. 10. "America needs a leader who sees the world as it is, who knows how to rebuild international alliances, who focuses on threats to homeland security, who runs the government for the benefit of all Americans." See full endorsement by clicking here.

Kerry has taken the lead in major newspaper endorsements: Here is a current list of papers that have made formal endorsements, with the latest average daily circ numbers.

Detroit Free Press: 354,581
The Seattle Times: 237,303
The Philadelphia Daily News: 139,983
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson): 109,592
The Day (New London, Conn.): 39,553
Total Daily Circ: 881,012

Las Vegas Review-Journal: 170,061
The Pueblo (Colo.) Chieftain: 52,208
Amarillo (Texas) Globe-News: 51,105
The Sun (Lowell, Mass.): 50,369
Total Daily Circ: 323,743


John Kerry Held His Own!!!!

I will concede Bush looked more in control, better prepared and more Presidential then he did in the last debate. Where Bush failed was in substance. Bush’s rationale for severely limiting Embryonic Stem Cell Research was wishy washy at best. Kerry stuck it to him on this issue and more. Simply put, Bush’s idiotic rational for limiting this new science is killing people. Embryonic Stem Cell Research holds the promise of a cure for Parkinson, Diabetes and a host of other disorders. Bush’s prejudice and pandering are holding back the development of this new science. The science of Embryonic Stem Cell Research can save the lives of millions, improve the lives of millions more, maybe even save your child or parent. I believe Kerry slammed Bush on this issue successfully and kept him on the defensive overall.

Importation of prescription drugs from Canada was another area where Bush failed the truth test. There are many common prescription drugs sold in Canada up to 40% cheaper then in the states. If Bush would allow Pharmaceutical Suppliers to get these safe, life saving drugs from outlets in Canada it would cut consumer cost in this country considerably. The only reason Bush won’t do it is because his big Pharmaceutical campaign contributors don’t want him to ( check out the Nation). Kerry won on the issues once again.

On Iraq Bush continued with his ever-changing rationale for the war. Kerry clearly has developed and articulated a better plan to win the peace. Kerry won on this issue hands down. Without a doubt, momentum has been building on Kerry’s side over the last two weeks. Bush was unable to put a dent into this rising tide of change sweeping the country.

INTERNET RUMORS: My friend Barbara sent me a note on growing rumors that Bush is wearing some sort of communication devise. A devise that let’s Bush’s handlers stay in constant touch and give Bush instant data. I know it is only a rumor, but this would explain any improvement Bush demonstrated from one debate to the other… Hhmmmmmm….Read more on this rumor by clicking here. A web site named has instituted an independent investigation on the "wired" charge. If that is not enough on the issue, you can check out

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Goodnight Friends, and God Bless you!




Stop Nader!!!! Click the picture!! Posted by Hello

Leonard's Latest Rant!!! 10.08.04

Since the reports from Wisconsin won’t start until October 17th, I'll share with you my latest rant:

The Bushistas have pulled all the dirty tricks out of their tool chest. Smear, lie and mislead is all they seem capable of. Bush’s weapons of mass destruction have turned into his weapons of mass deception.

It appears that France, the Germans & Russians were right when they urged us to support the Weapons Inspectors. We now know the UN Iraq Weapons Inspection program was a great success. This program had eliminated Iraq of WMDs and turned Iraq into a paper tiger. The Bush rationale for invading Iraq has crumbled like a house of cards caught in a Florida Hurricane. The Bushistas can’t defend the President’s sorry record; all they can do is evade the real issues and molest the truth. Bush’s last hope in this election is that people will continue to believe his ever increasing deceptions.

Just so you know…. I am no pacifist. However, war should be the last resort. By going to war in Iraq, Bush has failed our brave men and woman in uniform by putting them in harms way unnecessarily. Bush should apologize to the families who have lost loved ones to this ill thought out war. Then Bush should apologize to all Americans for spending so much of our resources and hard earned money on this sham war.

Will Bush ever have the guts to apologize? Don’t count on it. All we will hear from this crowd in the Whitehouse is more attacks on Kerry/Edwards and more lies. On November 2nd, let’s send this sorry crowd of miss-leaders packing.

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Goodnight Friends, and God Bless you!



Daily Report/10.07.04

Wisconsin, here we come!!! All the arrangements have been made: flights, reservations and transportation. I plan to hit the ground running once I arrive in Green Bay. My flight gets in around 10:30 a.m. and if everything works out, I’ll be out on the streets working for change by 12:30 p.m. on 10/17. Back here in Upstate New York we have finished up our voter registration drive. It is amazing how many young people have registered to vote for the very first time. It seems like folks here in the Western part of New York have come to realize this may be the most important election in their lifetime.

WISCONSIN UPDATE: 82% Wisconsin voters say TV ads denouncing Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's Vietnam service record have diverted attention from the real issues in this year's presidential race, according to the latest Badger Poll. Check out the article by clicking here!!

Well....... here is more evidence of right wing media bias: When Big Media Turns Right - Fahrenheit 9/11 ads pulled from the airwaves.

If this is not enough for you check out: What Liberal Media? The Truth About Bias and the News by Eric Alterman

This site: Fox News, 24hr Republican Network, has great information on the well known FOX news bias.

If your sick and tired of all the Fox news distortions and overall corporate right-wing bias in the mainstream press. You can fight back by joining David Brock’s new venture Media Matters for America. Click Here to Check it out!!

David Brock is a right-winger who saw the light. David Brock’s book: Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative tells the amazing story of his transformation from a right-wing nut to a progressive activist.

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John Edwards brought home the Bacon in last night’s VP debate!!

DAILY REPORT FOR 10.6.04. Cheney’s tactics in the debate were evade, attack and evade. When the Vice President was confronted with reports that L. Paul Bremer stated that the United States had “paid a big price” for insufficient troop levels after the war, Cheney refused to respond directly. When Edwards confronted Cheney on his ties with Halliburton and that Halliburton paid millions of dollars in fines for providing false information "just like Enron and Ken Lay, Cheney again declined to give us a substantive response.

Edwards again and again characterized Cheney’s defenses of the Iraq war and the U.S. diplomacy that led up to it as “distorted,” “misleading” and “wrong.” Cheney was unable to do anything but claim the Administration had done the right thing and we (Bush/Cheney) have the experience to fight the war on terror. Edwards stated at one point: "Mr. Vice President, I don't think the country can take four more years of this type of experience." I quite agree Senator Edwards. Good job!!

In the debate, Cheney encouraged voters to look at the facts on Halliburton at It is worth a look. criticizes both candidates for being fast and loose with the facts from time to time. It seems Bush/Cheney are faster and looser with the facts then Kerry/Edwards; but you can decide for yourself.

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An alternative to right wing Radio... Find a station near you!

02/05/2004 A Sharp Left Turn On Dial
Bombastic AM host 'Big Eddie' Schultz blasts away at Bush as the leading voice in liberals' nascent national radio counteroffensive.

By Stephanie Simon Los Angeles Times FARGO, N.D. — It may well have been the bologna sandwich that spun Big Eddie "the Redhead" Schultz down the path of self-enlightenment, transforming him from a bull-neck, bombastic conservative into a bull-neck, bombastic liberal just itching to grab his talk radio mike and give Rush Limbaugh hell........
(See More click Ed Schultz!! )

Also check out Al Franken and Air America Radio. NOTE: The Air America Radio Network is the fastest growing Radio Network in the nation. “Rush better watch his back”. – The Editor

Bush's Hometown Newspaper - Endorses Kerry

Yikes!!!! This must be painfull when your own hometown newspaper writes a scathing editorial about you and endorses the other candidate! Hey George, they did endorse you in 2000..

EDITOR’s NOTE: If you have any comments on this Endorsement - send me an e-mail at, and I will post it.

Daily Report/10.5.04

The polls show John Kerry improving. The race has tightened considerably since Kerry kicked Bush's ass in last Thursday’s debate. I am optimistic about the presidential election and more hopeful everyday we will be able to "take this country back". The "ridiculous right" has attempted to reshape this great nation in their image. It looks like the American people are smarter then this gang of Limbaughistas that have taken over the Whitehouse. In less then a week I and my compatriots will be in Wisconsin on assignment to help Kerry win that very important battleground state. I am very grateful for this opportunity to work in this campaign. I will give it my all.

From Sunday, October 17th through Election Day, I will work tirelessly to help John Kerry win Wisconsin. On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, the working people of this country will realize a great victory, if we all do our part. I will do mine. Goodnight, and God Bless you!


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